Career Counseling Cell

The College has launched the Career Counseling cell for the benefit of the students in 2004. The Cell’s primary objective is to provide the life skills to students and make them efficient to cope with the competitive job market. The Cell’s activities were initiated by the Dr. Manuranjan Pandit, Ex Principal of the college. This conception is carried forward by Dr. Bubul Kumar Saikia, Mr. Rajen Dutta, Dr. Surajit Bhuyan, Mrs. Binita Hazarika, Mr. Durlav Raj Taid, and faculties of different departments of the college.

To keep pace with the present stiff competition, the cell has undertaken several measures like organizing seminars, mock interviews, soft skills, communicative English, phonetic exercises, personality development, and leadership skills to the students. These programs are conducted by distinguished personalities in the field. The college has integrated the Career Counseling with the reputed career counselors. The Cell offers guidance in higher education and other career opportunities apart from conducting usual counseling.

Periodic interactions with professional career counselors, government as well as public sector officials are organized to provide opportunities for exchange of ideas and experts’ experiences in their respective fields. Students are encouraged to talk about their career-ambition, and the challenges they may face, as well as understanding the various emerging trends of job opportunities through this platform. We are also proud to state that the outgoing students are extending their support to this cell, and have already founded an alumni forum to guide the juniors in different aspects of career opportunities.

The alumni association conducts friendly interactive sessions, where students are given practical tips on various issues considered essential for their career enhancement. From 2009 onwards this cell has been organizing rigorous one to one counseling to students in close support of skilled career counselors at free of cost. In addition to this frequent mock interviews and personality development classes are conducted to familiarize the students with a real interview process. Wherever possible free study material are also provided to the students.

This cell caters students with updated informations regarding career from various sources, such as, employment news, Online portals,magazines etc.

During the academic year 2009-10 the Cell invited prominent career counselor and columnist Mr. Arup Kr. Deka to deliver a series of lecture on changing prospects of jobsmarket; and the same was followed by group interactive sessions. Around 600 students, both from science and arts stream actively participated in this long two-day program covering eight sessions.

During the year 2010-11, besides its regular activities the Cell invited government officials from different departments (Industry and Sericulture Dept. Govt. of Assam) to provide informations regarding different government self- employable schemes for self sustainability which was considered to be highly successful.

During the year 2011-2012, with a break from the regular career counseling program , the cell organized a day long seminar under the heading , “Motivation of Students Towards Entrepreneurship” on 29th of August, 2012 in collaboration with the Assam Chambers of Commerce, Guwahati . The chief resource person, Mr. RupamGoswami, President, ACC, himself a renowned entrepreneur shared his initial experiences and challenges as an novice entrepreneur with the students and motivated them to step into the field of entrepreneurship.

The Career Counseling Cell remains open for three hours daily, and is well-equipped with computers, internet facility and sufficient reading material, e.g. competitive examination books, text books, magazine, model papers, newspapers etc., for providing information regarding various career opportunities. The newspaper cuttings, advertisements about job-opportunity and information brochures of different institutes are pasted on the notice board from time to time to apprise the students of various admission and job prospects.

Coordinator of the Cell: Mr. Durlav Raj Taid, Department of History.

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