Lakhimpur Girls' College

Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade B++ (CGPA 2.91)

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Recognition under Section 2(f)

Recognition under Section 12(A)

Permanent Affiliation from Dibrugarh University


Lakhimpur Girls' College, established with Pre-University classes on 16th August, 1972, was the lone and foremost seat of higher education for women on the entire north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. The higher education loving public of North Lakhimpur Town of Assam under the able leadership of the teachers of the North Lakhimpur Govt. Girls' High School met in a public meeting on 9th July 1972 to discuss the establishment of a women's college. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Mahananda Bora, an eminent social worker of North Lakhimpur. An executive committee with Mr. Nityendranath Mukherjee, IAS, the then Deputy Commissioner of Lakhimpur District, as the President, and Ms. Punya Hazarika, the Headmistress, North Lakhimpur Govt. Girls' High School as the Secretary, was constituted. The college inaugurated on 16th August 1972, was named as North Lakhimpur Girls' College. Its first Principal was Ms. Punya Hazarika and first Vice-Principal, Mrs. Hellena Begum. The classes of the college were held in the premises of North Lakhimpur Govt. Girls' High School in the morning hours from 7 A.M to 9.30 A.M.. Ms. Punya Hazarika resigned from the post of Principal on 22nd September 1974. From 23rd September 1974 to 30th June 1992, Mr. Mohan Chandra Roy was the Principal of the College. During his tenure the College from her infancy marched forward to her youth. Amidst innumerable hindrances, financial difficulties, the institution progressed to impressive growth. In 1974, when Mr. Mohan Chandra Roy joined as the Principal, there were only three students in the Pre-degree classes. But as the time of his retirement in 1992, there were over 1400 students in the Pre-degree and degree classes.

The inspection for Pre-degree affiliation was made on 28.01.1975 by the Inspector of Colleges, Dibrugarh University, Mr. Dambarudhar Gogoi. The affiliation for the pre-degree classes was granted on 14th May 1975 by the University. On 17th May 1975 the College was rechristened as Lakhimpur Girls' College to represent higher education for women for the whole of the district. On 11th August 1975, the College got her own building by buying the old building of North Lakhimpur College and getting the old building of the Settlement Department of the Government of Assam. The first Govt. grant of Rs. 5000/- was received by the college on 15th June 1975.

Prior permission for opening degree classes was received from the Govt. of Assam on 25th August 1975. The Dibrugarh University accorded permission for starting degree classes on 22nd September 1975. In 1976, the College approached the University authority for the grant of affiliation for degree classes. Affiliation for the general courses in the Arts at the degree level was granted by the University on 17.05.1977. On receipt of the degree affiliation, the college applied to the UGC for recognizing it u/s 2 (f). The College was recognized under section 2 (f) on 30.12.1978 and u/s 12 (A) on 05.07.1984. Thus the College has been eligible for receipt of the UGC grants since the Sixth Plan period. The permanent affiliation for the Arts Stream was accorded on 7th March 1984. The College was brought under the Deficit System of Grant in Aid of Govt. of Assam w.e.f. 01.09.1979 with the Arts stream only. The Science stream introduced w.e.f. 1990-1991 was brought under the Deficit System of GIA w.e.f. March 1998. General degree courses in Science were introduced w.e.f. 1992-93 and major courses w.e.f. 1998-1999. The N.C.C. & N.S.S. were introduced in the College in 1977. The college shifted to its own building in the present and permanent site on 08.12.1984.

During the tenure of Dr. Mukunda Rajbongshi as the Principal (from 11.08.1992 to 31.10.2001), the College expanded with new buildings of Administrative block, new Science Building and UGC Hostel of 8th plan period. The new Library and Study Centre, College gate, boundary wall, College pond, new Students' Union Office were constructed/arranged during his tenure. The Silver Jubilee of the College was celebrated with a three year programme concluding on 20-22 November 1997. During his tenure, the College got a new strength and vigour and marched towards achieving academic excellence. 

Ms. Deepanjali Dutta as Principal (from 01.11.2001 to 28.01.2004) worked hard. Her tenure witnessed establishment four new departments, viz. Anthropology, Geography, Statistics, Computer Science (Self-financing Course). Residential quarters of Hostel Superintendent, Post Graduate Centre of Distance Education, Dibrugarh University, Preparation of Self-Study Report for NAAC assessment and accreditation, Career oriented Courses, applying to the UGC for the status of College with Potential for Excellence are the achievements of her tenure. During her tenure Dr. Dinamoni Saikia was Secretary of Governing Body.

During the tenure of Dr. Manoranjan Pandit as Principal (from 29.01.2003 to 31.07.2015) the new canteen building, office rooms for ten departments, car and bike Parking, flag altar and many renovation works were made. Other construction works done during his tenure are completion of the new science building and college hostel and construction of student’s day care room, conference hall, indoor sports facility, gymnasium and a new arts building. During his tenure several UGC sponsored career-oriented courses, major course in Hindi and Major and Post Graduate courses in Home Science were introduced. NAAC accredited this college with 'A grade' in the year 2014.

Dr Surajit Bhuyan joined as Principal of the college on 19th September, 2015. He has initiated the process for RUSA 2.0 grants. Complete renovation of the library has been accomplished and it has been digitalised. Construction of a new class room building is going on and some other works are in the pipeline under RUSA 2.0 grant. Other works done so far during his tenure include the construction of a new hostel building, a digital class room, a language lab and a computer lab with all facilities. College admission process and student’s attendance system have been digitalised. The college is also planning to introduce 4 years integrated B.Ed. course from the session 2022-2023. 


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