Lakhimpur Girls' College

Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade A (CGPA 3.01)

Important circulars


Sl. No. Category No. and date View/ Download
1 Assam College Employees (Provincialization) Rules 2010 Notification No. B(2)H.12/2003/Pt-II/113 dated 15/11/2010 Click here
2 The Assam Provincialised Colleges and Assam Non-Government Collge Management Rules, 2001 Compilation of relevant Rules/OMs/Letters dated 22/08/2017 Click here
3 Reservation and Relaxation Rules for Admission in various programmes of Dibrugarh University Amended in October, 2020 Click here
4 The Assam Women (reservation of Vacancies in Services and Posts) Act, 2005 Notification No. LGL.17/2005/20 dated 18/05/2005 Click here
5 Govt.'s OM on Quota in Disability for recruitments OM No. ABP144/95/110 dated 05/11/2011 Click here
6 DHE OM regarding NAAC Assessment and Accreditation OM No. AHE.544/2021/9 dated 11/02/2022 Click here
7 Mandatory retention for 3 years' in case of application for any other State level Govt. job in the same position/Grade OM No. ASE.626/2021/3 dated 15/12/2021 Click here
8 Guidelines for selection of Assistant Professor/Librarians in provincialised, Govt. and Govt. Model Colleges of Assam. OM No. AHE.239/2021/68 dated 24/01/2022 Click here
9 Clarification regarding NOC and Single Candidate to an open advertisement No.DHE/PA/4/2017/8 dated 21/08/2017 Click here
10 Requirement of documents regarding permission of foreign visit No. DHE/EG/Misc/FV/10/2019/706 dated 14/06/2022 Click here
11 DHE circular on Placement in Senior Scale and Selection Grade Scale of pay No. G(B) UGC.132/2010/Pt./54 dated 06/01/2014 Click here



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