Lakhimpur Girls' College

Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade A (CGPA 3.01)

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Lakhimpur Girls College, one of the foremost institutions of higher education for women in the northern bank of the river Brahmaputra of Assam, was established in 1972. It came up with a dream to impart women a quality education for building a strong foundation of the nation by preparing them for a world of quest, ambition, and excellence. To visualize this dream into reality, college has been striving to create a healthy academic environment. It has been in a mission to develop a pool of highly educated women who are not only competent in facing the present but also in shaping the future. College is determined to build a competitive infrastructure and attract students, teachers, and researchers. It has been in a continuous effort to promote innovations in teaching learning process and to achieve higher scales of perfection and make higher education a part of the social environment through community participation. With 16 departments (BA and BSc) and Post Graduate course in Home Science, College has been quite successful in terms of the number of girls receiving undergraduate education. Special care has been taken to attract students from underprivileged communities such as scheduled castes and tribes and minority communities.

Institutional Efforts & Initiatives:

  1. From its genesis, Lakhimpur Girls' College has sought to create opportunities for women, both in the academic sphere and otherwise, and has continuously worked on uplifting the condition of women in the society.
  2. Situated in the district of Lakhimpur in Assam, which is home to various communities, the college has kept on striving for the betterment of these communities by making education accessible to the younger generation of girls from such background.
  3. The college has also been able to make education feasible for girls with a weak economic background.
  4. Being situated in a place where the cultural impact of one's community plays a huge role in developing and shaping the individual, the college puts immense impetus on enabling the students to flourish greatly and thrive in activities which resonates with their cultural background.
  5. In accordance of the enormous cultural momentum of the region, the college motivates and engages the students by administering cultural and artistic programmes time and again.



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