Lakhimpur Girls' College

Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade B++ (CGPA 2.91)

Our Distinctiveness


Women Empowerment as Institutional Distinctiveness:

Recognizing its privileged position in the sphere of women’s education, Lakhimpur Girls’ College consistently strives to empower women and enable them to be independent in every domain of their lives. The college continuously pursues to fulfill its social responsibility towards the women who might face severe marginalization because of their gender and economic background. The college makes sure to be helpful towards the downtrodden members of the society, who are mostly women who face severe backlash and negligible future prospects because of their individual identities.

The authorities, staff and other stakeholders of the college understand the importance of equal opportunities for women and therefore work for the same. The college endeavors to create a safe space for the students where they can inculcate a spirit of perseverance and determination, which will help them in their personal and professional lives as well. Keeping in mind the vision, mission and objectives, the college thrives to create a pool of highly capable and competent women. The main focus of the college is to uplift the students in their respective communities in particular and the society in general. In order to do so, the college follows a thoroughly mapped out plan to implement measures for empowering women. Irrespective of their backgrounds, the students are motivated to pursue a qualified career, an empowered future and a bright life in general.

In regards to the vision, mission and the objective of women empowerment, the college has realized the following:

  1. The teaching process of the college is fully focused on empowering women. The college understands its responsibility as a pioneering women’s institution in the North Bank of Brahmaputra. Therefore, the college always aims for the education of students for better career options and bright futures.
  2. Special focus is laid on students who come from a weak socio-economic background. The Students Aid Fund of the college provides scholarship to economically weaker students who possess outstanding merit.
  3. Apart from putting impetus on academics, the college thrives to develop the students’ talents in sports and other co-curricular activities. The college provides opportunities to talented students to take part in competitions and if required, also dispenses financial aid for the same.
  4. Gymnasium and yoga facilities are available to the students for their mental and physical wellbeing. The college takes pride in facilitating students not only in their academic careers, but also provides them with opportunities to strengthen them mentally and physically, thereby enabling their holistic development.
  5. The Career Counseling Cell of the college provides counseling session to students to prepare them for opportunities related to their career. The cell has been dutifully doing the required and has seen success in this regard.
  6. The college facilitates the students with measures which helps them in their safety. A free 15-days Self Defense course had been introduced in the college on 5th December 2021, with the aim to make the students capable of defending themselves and people around them in the time of need.
  7. The college also thrives to provide equal opportunities to each and every student, thereby emerging as an equal opportunity centre. In regards to this, the college resolves to provide education to differently-abled female students. Mary Kardong, a student with complete hearing and speech impairment, will be given free education during the entirety of her under-graduation programme. 




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