Higher Secondary Science

SUBJECTS: (offered in Science Stream)

Compulsory for H.S. 1st and 2nd year students

  1. English - 100 marks
  2. MIL(Assamese, Hindi & Alt.English) - 100 marks

A student can opt for any four subjects out of the list provided below

  1. Maths/ H.Sc./ Adv. Hindi / Adv. Ass.
  2. H.Sc./ Anthro / Maths
  3. Geo / Maths / Adv. Ass.
  4. H.Sc. / Statistics / Adv. Ass. / Adv. Hindi
  5. Adv. Ass / Logic & Philosophy


  1. AHSEC conducts H.S. Final examination and the college will conduct the H.S. 1st year examination
  2. Four elective subjects from a stream as in above can be selected. In the final result only the three best scored subjects are accounted for.
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