Lakhimpur Girls' College

Affiliated to Dibrugarh University

Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade B++ (CGPA 2.91)



Lakhimpur Girls' College has an orchidarium under the maintenance and supervision of Department of Botany. In the orchidarium, there are 20 species of orchids. In addition to that various medicinal plants are nurtured and presrved by the department.

List of Orchids available:

  1. Arundina glaminifolia
  2. Aerides odoratum
  3. Calanthe triplicate
  4. Cymbidium aloifolia
  5. Cymbidium munronianum
  6. Dendrobium fimbriatum
  7. Dendrobium sulcatum
  8. Dendrobium lituiflorum
  9. Dendrobium chrysanthum
  10. Dendrobium adyunculum
  11. Dendrobium densiflorum
  12. Dendrobium nobile
  13. Dendrobium aphyllum
  14. Dendrobium junkinsii
  15. Dendrobium primulinum
  16. Malaxis acuminata
  17. Micropera rostrata
  18. Papilionanthe teres
  19. Renanthera imshootiana
  20. Rhyncostylists retusa






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